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for-work May 23, 2019

The Lead Architect behind IBM’s Garage Methodology Talks About the Company’s Cloud-Based Approach to Operational Excellence

In 2014, IBM opened its first IBM Garage (then known as the Bluemix Garage) at the San Francisco branch of Galvanize. Embedded within popular startup incubators, IBM’s Garages serve as consultancies for clients who want to experiment with new technologies and ultimately change the way their companies build applications. Today, IBM has Garages located in 15 major cities…
for-work December 6, 2018

Q&A: Bustle Digital Group’s CTO on the Media Company’s Serverless Architecture

Bustle Digital Group is the largest premium publisher reaching millennial women, attracting over 80 million readers a month to properties like and Elite Daily. This past March, its CTO and co-founder Tyler Love tweeted that the company had fully adopted serverless architecture. “We serve upwards of a billion requests to 80 million people using…