Markus Stenberg

Markus Stenberg is a Staff Software Engineer at Aiven with more than two decades of experience in various computer technologies. He calls himself a random hacker who likes Python ecosystem yet hates the language. His specialties include security, networking, software design/implementation and automated testing software. Markus helped developing open standards for the internet by participating in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to work on writing RFC standards. For example, he was a co-author of IPsec NAT Traversal RFC (RFC3948) and Home Networking Control Protocol (RFC7788) among other things. He was also the main author of Astacus, the backup and restore tool for M3. In addition to studying natural languages as a hobby, Markus is fluent in about dozen computer programming languages (and has played with about 30 at last count), and is quite familiar with both using and managing a number of operating systems. He has also been known to dabble with networks :-)