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Podcast #122 – Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer, and Dasher, and Prancer, and Vixen

Podcast Orange

Welcome to the entirely too jolly holiday episode of the Stack Overflow Podcast, recorded Friday, December 15, 2017 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. On today’s island of misfit toys, we have EVP of Culture Jay Hanlon, CTO David Fullerton, Dir. of Community Ops and Mgmt Abby T. Mars, News Editor Ilana Yitzhaki, and me, Producer Jess Pardue.

We would like to thank our sponsor Oracle. Stack Overflow appreciates Oracle’s support for this podcast and for our community. Learn more about all the ways Oracle supports open source, java, and developers like you at oracle.com/developers.  

Today’s festivities include:

  • Elf on the Shelf: Fun addition to holiday cheer or nefarious North Pole spy?
  • Is the Santa myth hurting our children? News at 11.
  • Abby raves rants about Sonos, but their customer service is magic!
  • It’s hat season! We discuss the details of this year’s Winter Bash 2017, happening now on all Stack Exchange sites. This year’s theme: Greatest Hits Hats! How many hats can you earn before it comes to a close on January 2nd?
  • Abby Reads Nice Tweets! – To put a cap on this season’s ongoing discussion of “Making Stack Overflow a Better Place for Users” we discuss some of the things that we are focusing on right now in the community/engineering team (*cough cough* channels *cough*) and Abby reads tweets of appreciation from the community.
  • In the NEWS: Is this the end of Net Neutrality? And the new Imac Pro is available, so, yay?

This week’s Candy Cane Constitution question:

Eggnog? Is it delicious? Is it even food?

Post your thoughts to twitter using the hashtag #stackoverflowpodcast, with either PRO if you’re a fan of eggnog or CON if you give eggnog a big fat NOPE. The wittiest answer, whether on the winning or losing side will win a set of SO stickers.

Last week’s winner is Mordechai Zuber (@mordzuber). 

Congrats Mordechai, and thanks for listening! We’ll be back early next year. In the meantime, you can listen to our backlog HERE or keep up with us by following @stackpodcast on Twitter. Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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  1. Btw, Vixen means jerking off in German.

    1. btw it’s with a ‘w’ in german, so wixen..

  2. Get rid of huge image taking up the entire screen (4th time someone has mentioned it and no one fixes it!)

  3. BostonEggnogParty says:

    The Constitution questions have degraded into a normal poll. Is Eggnog delicious? “PRO – Yes it is.” Now we are all governed by this… how?

    J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit comes to mind:
    Bilbo: “Good Morning!”

    Gandalf: “Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

    Bilbo: “Good morning! We don’t want any adventures here, thank you!”
    Gandalf: “What a lot of things you do use Good morning for! Now you mean that you want to get rid of me, and that it won’t be good till I move off.”

    A.k.a. “Eggnog is delicious.” PRO – Yup, or else go away. CON – I don’t have to like it.
    Fix: “Eggnog should not be consumed.” PRO – Ban eggnog. DryCounty++. CON – No, I love it! It helps me appreciate water more.
    Or worse: “Eggnog should be consumed.” PRO – Drink it. Drink it! CON – I’ll have water, please.

  4. Tony Henrich says:

    The podcast has become sooooooooo boring. Just random chitchat. Is Joel ever coming back?

  5. Fahad Khan says:

    Eggnog is so delicious that I’m addicted to eggnog now. I have them almost every day. This is bad thing I think being addicted to anything could never be right thing weather you are addicted to bad thing or good thing. Addiction is not for healthy normal person.

  6. I’ve already encoded a site using Ajax.

    Can you see it?


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