Stack Overflow Podcast #126 – The Pros and Cons of Programming with ADHD

This week we chat with guest Chloe Condon, a Cloud Advocate working on Microsoft Azure, and Iheanyi Ekechukwu, a senior developer at Github working on Github Actions. The pair, who had never met before, talked to us about about their favorite languages, getting retweeted by Smash Mouth, and what it’s like to be a software developer with ADHD.


Chloe Condon has a great post about how she created her medication reminder app and an official endorsement from Smash Mouth

You can find some writing from Iheanyi Ekechukwu on our blog here and you can find his podcast here

Learn about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. It’s not funny so don’t laugh.   

Decades old code is putting millions of critical devices at risk. Should we be regulating software more closely?  

Ben Popper is the worst coder in the world.

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  1. “GitHub”, not “Github”.

    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/GitHub

    pmortensen DOT eu/world/EditOverflow DOT php?LookUpTerm=Github

    What is the update process now (the GitHub one seems to have stopped on 2017-08-29)?

  2. I does scare me when I think about some ancient code that some one wrote a decade ago that may still be running machines in nearby hospital and I do wonder how do they update software in those devices ?

  3. WarnedOfStairs says:

    As a programmer with ADHD, I can strongly relate to the “Who did this code? This wasn’t me!”

  4. At 69, people were not diagnosed in school as ADHD, we were just put in the low, middle or high performing classes in school.

    I have had problems in the world because I could not concentrate on things I did not care for. So, in the 1980, with the onset of the IBM PC, I had the advantage to just go and make this useful to the organization. No people, just me and the computer. I kept up that kind of work for the next decade. C then C++. Hey, normal dev, here is a new tool that I wrote for you. Here is an installation interpreter for your use. I really enjoyed this podcast. I still write code, Swift and Kotin, especially with nodeJS APIs. Now I know I am not alone as I am stuck in the business development environment. Thank you.

  5. anonymous cheese says:

    sadly i couldn’t finish listening to this and had to abandon it halfway through, because the guy from Github can’t finish one sentence without dropping a ton of “like”s in there. just can’t listen to that sort of talking. super irritating.

  6. What is with these podcasts with no (obvious, at least) way to download? Do you really think I’m going to sit at my computer and listen to a podcast or pull up a specific web page on my mobile just to listen to one specific podcast? Sorry, but no downloady, no listeny…

    1. illegal podcast downloader says:

      Stephen, downloading podcasts has never been easier! Just open up your browser’s developer tools, go to Network tab, hit the play button on the podcast, a new line should appear with the url to the podcast’s .mp3 file, save that url as a file and voila!

  7. “ backslash teams..”

    Lol, you don’t know the difference between a forward slash and a back slash?

  8. I’m a senior firmware engineer with adhd, so I thought this might be interesting for a programmer…

    I’m grinding my teeth listening to wannabe tv hosts talk about product placements and social media.

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