The Overflow Newsletter #3 – The 36 pieces of code that changed history


Ryan Donovan
Ryan Donovan is a Content Marketer at Stack Overflow. He's been writing for developers for two decades.

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  1. 1. The question mark wasn’t included in stackoverflow DOT com/questions/58439124

    2. “Python” no matter what, not “python”. The original title was “Easy Concurrency in Python”

    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Python_%28programming_language%29

  2. Jitendra R Kulkarni says:

    I came to this page by clicking something like “read about 75 lines of code that changed history”. The page it landed is a confusing mess with no real content.
    Section 1 “The OVERFLOW” has meta talk about issue 3, the authors and ADHD but no content
    Then there is a confusing “From the blog” section.
    Then “Interesting Question”
    Then “Links from around the web” where I finally (in third pass” noticed the link I came for.
    Then “Aithor” “Tags” “Related Articles” Looks like ease of access is lost in an attempt to make the page “interesting”.

  3. I have to agree with Jitendra, there is no order to this page at all.

  4. > read about 75 lines of code that changed history

    Except it’s actually 36 pieces of code, selected by submissions by 75 developers. By Slate, so this is just a pointless 3rd-party link.

    Get a grip, SO.

  5. i like that the linked article includes the Therac-25. However the description there falls way short when it comes to describing just how negligent this was, and how horrific the suffering of the victims was.

  6. Link-only answers are generally discouraged as “low-quality” posts. Perhaps you intended this as a helpful comment?


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