This week, #StackOverflowKnows fast planes, math with dates, and code comments

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Happy mandated romance day, dear reader. While we forgot to get you a card and ate all the chocolates, we are ready to pop the question. A few questions actually. This week, we’ve got comments on code comments, bad math as the basis for good math, and concerns that your personal keyboard could be stealing passwords at work.

What is the commercial passenger aircraft top speed record?


How fast is the fastest plane? That depends on how you measure speed.

Examples of incorrect arguments being fertilizer for good mathematics?


The first step to being right is being wrong. And in fact, these same steps were taken 7 and 10 years ago.

Why does the difference between 30 March and 1 March 2020 erroneously give 28 days instead of 29?


Don't try to do math with the time. The numbers don’t always add up.

How to avoid comments about one line of code for cleanliness


An uncommon commentary about the value of code comments.

Can keylogger software exist solely on a keyboard PCB?


Could bringing your favorite keyboard to work be a security risk?And if so, would they be worried about hackers or a malicious insider?

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