How to beat Doom in just 600 years

Ben and Ryan discuss how complex images (and maybe even interactive games) are being encoded in living cells, the latest trends in prompt engineering, and the educational benefits of gaming.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

A theory explores how to play DOOM inside a human cell. Fair warning, you'll need about 600 years to complete the game.

Looking for a good prompt builder to help you get the most out of your LLM? Try this one or explore this huge collection of prompts.

Startup Twin Labs wants to build a product that automates repetitive tasks by letting AI take over your cursor.

Harvard Medical School researchers published a study showing that the CRISPR system can encode information in living cells “as complex as a digitized image of a human hand.” Read more.

Three cheers for Max Lybbert, who earned a Lifeboat badge by answering Python faster than C++? How does this happen?.


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