Raymond Lo

Raymond Lo is the software evangelist at Intel focusing on the OpenVINO toolkit. Previously, Raymond was the founder and CTO of Y Combinator-backed augmented reality company Meta, the technology evangelist for Samsung NEXT, and Technical Solutions Consultant for Google Cloud AI. During his PhD, Raymond worked with Prof Steve Mann, who is widely recognized as the father of wearable computing from MIT Media Lab. Together they published numerous of research papers on the topic of GPGPUs, open-source HDR videos, and open-source wearable computing projects in the University of Toronto. In 2013, Raymond took his augmented reality (AR) eyeglasses invention and functional prototype from Toronto and co-founded Meta that raised over $80 million for their pioneering development of augmented reality eyeglasses. As the CTO of Meta, he successfully developed and shipped Meta 1 and Meta 2 with a team of over 150+ people. As the executive and Evangelist, he had the opportunity to speak at conferences such as TED talk, SIGGRAPH, Tencent WE Summit, and Hello Tomorrow. His unique combination of startup entrepreneurship and enterprise experiences helped Raymond to create connections to hundreds of startups and thousands of developers around the world.