The Overflow Newsletter for October 18th, 2019

The Overflow newsletter #2: The podcast is back, AI on infinity, and an intro to Kubernetes

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The Overflow.

October 2019

Welcome to The Overflow, a newsletter that brings together great questions from our community, news and articles from our blog, and awesome links from around the web. This is our second-ever issue, and we're glad to be in your inbox! The Overflow is written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams of React Training. You can read more about Cassidy and why we decided to launch this newsletter on our blog.

From the blog

THE STACK OVERFLOW PODCAST IS BACK. stackoverflow.blog We're back with a brand new cast. This week we chat about compilers, robot turtles, and simulation environments. Plus, an interview our new CEO!

Einstein and Go stackoverflow.blog A fascinating breakdown of how Salesforce moved their Einstein analytics engine from a Python/C hybrid over to Go.

Lesson from design school for software engineers stackoverflow.blog Engineers may work differently than designers, but there's plenty about design processes that engineers can learn from.

Interesting questions

Do I need to explicitly handle negative numbers or zero when summing squared digits? stackoverflow.com Who is right? Me, or the teacher using an outdated version of C?

What is the word for things that work even when they aren't working (e.g. escalators)? english.stackexchange.com Temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience.

SSD or HDD for server serverfault.com Want to see geeks argue? Ask them what kind of hard drive you should use on your server.

Can digital computers understand infinity? ai.stackexchange.com More importantly, can people?

Suspicious crontab entry running 'xribfa4' every 15 minutes unix.stackexchange.com Is your machine secretly mining crypto for somebody else?

Links from around the web

Creating custom JavaScript syntax with Babel lihautan.com If you've ever wanted to make a programming language of your own, here's an awesome way to get started by building your own custom syntax in JavaScript!

A Pac Man clone written in Go (with emojis!) github.com Learning Go can be tough if you aren't sure how to start. This is a fun little tutorial to build a Pac-Man clone from scratch!

A Ruby gem for building APIs. graphiti.dev Imagine a blend of REST and GraphQL—the best of both worlds. You can even fetch multiple resources with a single request (shoutout to user el que m'est for submitting this).

Supreme Court hands victory to blind man who sued Domino's over site accessibility mashable.com This case was a huge win for accessibility on the web, and a potential game-changer for how development teams prioritize it in the future.

Learn Kubernetes, Part I, Basics, Deployment and Minikube dev.to If you don't Kuber-get-es Kubernetes, here's a great 5-part series to get you up and running with it!

Stack Overflow for Teams promotion First 10 users free. Stop digging through stale documentation and outdated emails to find information. Setup a private, secure space for you and your coworkers to share information on Stack Overflow for Teams.

Fast 1kB functional library for creating Finite State Machines https://thisrobot.life/ State machines have been a part of computer science since the beginning, and though you might not think you use them day-to-day, many modern frameworks depend on them. Here's a great little JavaScript library for building your own finite state machines.

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