community July 27, 2022

Always learning

It’s been a busy quarter for the company. We celebrated a handful of big milestones over the last three months. We added a new Chief Technology Officer, Jody Bailey, to our leadership team, announced Stack Overflow for Teams entering the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, launched exciting initiatives like Staging Ground, and released insights from this year’s Developer Survey.
code-for-a-living September 26, 2017

Employer Spotlight: Zapier, a Remote Work Leader

Zapier is known as a leader in the remote work movement; they’re 100% remote and always have been. I sat down with CEO Wade Foster recently to get his thoughts on the future of work, remote team best practices, and how Zapier builds team culture when they’re spread out to all corners of the world. Founded…
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culture April 27, 2016

A Pluralistic Meeting

Running a good meeting is the FizzBuzz of management – for a manager, it should be nearly effortless. Attendees should leave gratified that it was time well spent. In the context of servant leadership, it’s our job as managers to ensure that our time together meets this high bar. Optimize for presence Meetings are synchronous…
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company October 6, 2015

Beyond Coding Recap: Helping Emerging Developers Launch Careers

This summer Stack Overflow, together with a host of NYC-based tech companies, created Beyond Coding, a 10 week program for emerging developers and designers. We sought to guide students through the finer points of professional “soft” skills in order to help those lacking experience gain a foothold in the technical job market. Having no idea…
culture September 18, 2015

A Culture of Trust

We live in a time when software developers change jobs every 12 months. Usually, about two years into a job, I start dreaming of greener pastures with better pay and more interesting work. Working at Stack Overflow has been the exception to that rule. In the wake of the recent Amazon exposé and my 2…
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company September 3, 2015

Stack Spotlight: Aurélien Gasser

Stack Overflow currently has three offices in New York, London, and Denver. In addition, for many of our teams and job openings, we also offer remote work. As of our last estimation, 20% of our employees work remotely from around the world. One developer who is included in that 20% is Aurélien Gasser, who works…
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company August 13, 2015

Stack Spotlight: Bethany Marzewski

Each month we’ll be featuring a short interview with one of our very own employees here at Stack Overflow. You’ll learn how they came to Stack Overflow, what projects they’re currently working on, and why they love working here. First up is our Marketing Manager, Customer Happiness Bethany Marzewski. Name: Bethany Marzewski Job Title: Marketing…
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culture July 9, 2015

Going From Mobile Back To The Web

Developers will generally agree that learning the latest and hottest set of technologies will help you advance your career and avoid getting left behind. In addition, most of us know that specialization in one technology stack triumphs shallow knowledge in many others. In this post, I’d like to share my more unusual — though not…
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company January 16, 2015

Why We (Still) Believe in Private Offices

There was a time where it seemed like we barely even needed to talk about this: Joel had won the argument, the Internet agreed that private offices were the future, and only incompetent management (or a tight budget) was still putting developers in cubicle farms. A glorious future lay before us. The original Fog Creek…
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culture January 28, 2014

My First Six Weeks Working at Stack Overflow

I started working at Stack Exchange (which many know for/as Stack Overflow) as a software developer just six weeks ago. This (lengthy) post is about a number of things: what it was like relearning a lot of what I know about web development, the challenges and resources I encountered doing so, and a few pointers…
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