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How to keep your new tool from gathering dust

If you’re thinking about rolling out a new tool to your team, you should also be thinking about how to get colleagues and management on board, how to embed that tool in your everyday workflows, and how to assess whether it’s working as it should. Tech that solves human problems needs humans to participate in those solutions.

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The 11ty Bundle

If you're looking to try out the 11ty web framework, this massive collection of resources makes it easier for you to get started!


jQuery 3.7.0 released: Staying in order

Believe it or not, jQuery still lives on, is updated, and remains one of the most popular libraries to this day.


How to debug browser redirects

Redirects are tough to discover and debug because they're subtle and instantaneous. Here are some good methods for working with them!


Design and navigation considerations when building multi-platform applications

If you're building for more than one platform, you have to consider how your applications will look across every screen your users see.


The intersectionality of web performance

It's not just business that is positively impacted by good web performance.


See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS

This page looks simple, but it gives you an appreciation of the web's history and the work that makes it possible.


Chromium blog: An update on the lock icon

The lock icon used to be necessary to show that a website was using a secure connection. Now that it's the norm, is it time to change?


A backup of historical proportions

A deep dive into the history of archival anxiety.


The web's most important decision

Thirty years ago, the World Wide Web was made free for everyone, a decision that arguably changed...everything.


Wingspan design retrospective with designer Elizabeth Hargrave

Wingspan is one of the most highly rated board games that's come out in recent years. Come geek out about how it was made!


The interactive guide to rendering in React

React's rendering behavior is often misunderstood—on Stack Overflow, "why is React rendering?" yields over 8000 results. Here's a deep dive to answer your questions!


Is perpetual motion possible at the quantum level?

Just what the MCU needed.