From the Network

Down the rabbit hole in the Stack Exchange network

On this home team episode: Discussions on Stack Overflow is a new feature that allows users to engage in open-ended conversations outside the site’s primary Q&A structure. The team explores deep-cut Stack Exchange questions about the nature of consciousness and the availability of corrective lenses for medieval knights. Plus: The psychology of downvoting and a recent FCC ruling on AI-generated robocalls.

Stack Overflow for Teams

Celebrating and improving your community’s knowledge

Let’s take a look at the first Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise release of the year, focusing on how your teams can celebrate your community’s contributions and how search improvements will make these contributions more discoverable.

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Things unexpectedly named after people

There are quite a few tools and companies you know and love that are actually named after people!


It’s official, Apple kills web apps in the EU

Progressive Web Applications will no longer be supported by Apple for users in the EU, which is a blow to web app developers working to build applications outside of the App Store.


Planner programming blows my mind

The world of planner programming is fascinating, but often only referenced by folks who have touched Prolog before. It's driven by constraints and just might blow your mind!


Okay, color spaces

This is an incredibly fun look at how color spaces work!


How can we keep domains working long after our death?

What would it take to maintain a "digital legacy" after we're gone?


Big Tech jobs have lost their glamour

Workers across the tech industry are questioning if they should be going to the big tech companies that have been doing layoffs.


CSS neural network (number detection)

Just when you thought CSS couldn't get more complex, someone made a neural network for number detection (which is just a whole lot of math).


Shining laser light on glass creates a solar cell

A certain kind of glass behaves like a solar cell, which has some cool implications for energy as a result.


Thomas Steeles unearths the origins of the world’s most hated font, Comic Sans

You love to hate it and hate to love it: dive into the history of Comic Sans!


Too much of a good thing: the trade-off we make with tests

Having 100% code coverage can be the wrong approach in some contexts.


First 3D-printed functional human brain tissue grows like the real thing

3D printing brains, of all things, could revolutionize how we study cognitive development—and save lives.


Interaction to Next Paint becomes a Core Web Vital on March 12

There's a new way to measure user interactions on the web coming to the Core Web Vitals.